Engineering Expert Tool for Infrastructure Asset Management


i3MET is the engineering website for asset management developed by INES Ingenieros.

This software allows you to manage all information inventory, inspection, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure assets, allowing a quick and effective maintenance management.


All road assets are managed under i3met involve taking a set of more or less comprehensive data describing each of them with a precise georeferencing.


Periodic inspections are the key of knowledge of the conservation status of assets, and enable historical tracking of the evolution of maintenance.


All maintenance actions that are performed on each asset are recorded. This module allows you to plan and control the associated costs to all assets.


If you opt for an instrumentation control certain parameters of an asset by this module you can establish an online connection to the sensors, generating alarms to the limit thresholds.


I3MET responds to the main issues related to asset management, following the principles of international ISO 55000: 2014, that about five main chapters are organized:

  • Knowledge of assets
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Organization and human resources
  • Relationship with customers and other stakeholders
  • Risk management

What is I3MET

I3MET (Infrastructures: Management, Maintenance & Monitoring Expert Tool) works through a web application, managing the maintenance of any asset of the road, from the descriptive information thereof to the historical record of the details of your condition, but, above all, it allows for a control maintenance operation and monitoring of a monitoring asset.

Technical specifications

  • S.O: Linux Ubuntu 10.10
  • Web server: Linux / Nginx
  • Application Server: passenger Phussion
  • Manager database: PostgreSQL
  • Development: Ruby on Rails
  • Architecture Web: Firefox, Chrome and IE

For more detailed information I3MET:

+34 91 523 76 33